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11 10 2013

11 10 2013

[Eng Trans] Sept GEEK Magazine Interview 


Even after the photo shoot has ended, you would sit in front of the computer and select those photos personally. 
Yeah. I have always wanted to try out the concept of this magazine, so I negotiated with my company. After some research, I would send them (photos) over. 

So the photos you’ve sent me, were all chosen by you? 
Yeah, so that I will be able to make this whole photoshoot more interesting. And because this is something I have always wanted to try, it became very natural. *laughs

Are you putting more effort because this is a men’s magazine? After all, women’s magazines are always about the elegant image. 
Rather than saying men’s magazines are very different, I think that women’s magazines are mostly fashion-oriented. And today, I feel that the emphasis is not on the fashion, but on myself. This is the difference.

It is a rare sight to see Suzy revealing her true self. Other than showing us the look of an actress and the on-stage appearance of a singer, it seems like the recent “Healing Camp” is your first.
Actually, when I first receive the invitation, my company disapproved it. “Healing Camp” is a program for people who have achieved great accomplishment in their life to tell their stories. In some aspect, I may be the trend *laughs* or an idol, *laughs* but I am still very young. Besides, I find it meaningless to guest the show if I were to give some high-sounding, but insincere speech. But after considering for some time, I thought, “Although I’m still young and inexperienced, it does not mean that I can’t talk about my own story.” So I decided to accept the invitation. And since I’ve came up with such decision, I got to do it right. I want to express my real thoughts. *laughs*

What were the responses like? 
My close friends told me, it didn’t feel like they were watching the TV. It felt as though they were talking to me in person. They said I was being very truthful, so I smiled. I think it’s like this. *laughs*

Do you feel vexed? Or does the company pressurize you? Your company would probably try to stop you right?
Actually I am very open about that. Is it right to say it this way? I won’t fear those things and I don’t really mind how people react when I say something unexpected. However, there are people who will judge me base on that, so there are some things which I can’t answer truthfully. Just like when people ask me about my ideal type; how will the public react when I confess (who it really is)? Because of that, I will feel worried, so…. 

Eh? That’s it?
Just do it well when you have set your mind on something. *laughs*

So to confirm, how is your real ideal type like?
Someone who I will enjoy staying together with. Compared to those heart fluttering feelings, I prefer someone who is like a friend to me. I don’t really know how it feels to have my heart racing, but I like the type of guy who can be my friend. 
When I lose my temper, or when I come across something unfortunate, he can make me feel comfortable and listen to me. Someone who is really like a friend.

Will guys like being that way?
Which is why I have to look for someone who has the same mindset. I want to date someone who is like a friend, but there is a possibility that he really treats me as a friend only. Or maybe has the feeling that I don’t love him. Rather than saying ‘I love you’ all the time, I like the feeling whereby ‘Everything is fine, as long as we’re together’. I don’t like meaningless confessions.

Are you still shy about this kind of stuff?
Not exactly shy. I just don’t want things to be like that. If he wants me to express it out, both of us will be very tired. 

But there ought to be a specific standard. Like; preferring guys who are good-looking
Yeah… For me, it’s a guy who shares the same language as me. *laughs* 
(I think she’s talking about her 4D language)

You’re already 20. You are free to do what you want. 
I’m not the type of person who will hide my thoughts to begin with. But when I say something, the people around me will say, ‘you shouldn’t do that, you should do this instead’. Often, I will feel annoyed and confused. This is my own opinion, I want to be honest about it. But it seems like the correct answers have already been prepared for me, and this makes me more stressful. It upsets me to be pressured like this. 

You debuted as a singer at the age of 16 right?

I learned about your age only afterwards and it gave me a shock. Those lyrics were so mature for a 17 year old. 
Now that I think of it, it feels like I sung it without knowing anything. Yeah… I think I didn’t know what I was singing. *laughs* In fact, we would discuss the emotions and feelings of the song with the PD before recording. At that time, I thought I had comprehended it well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s a pity. If I sang it when I were older, it will probably give a more realistic feel. 

Everyone is talking about actress Suzy now, but I think singer Suzy is really great. Especially after the release of “I Don’t Need A Man”. 
Thanks for telling me that *laughs*

Don’t you find it regretful? Being burdened with the ‘actress’ title now.
I haven’t specifically thought about it. I got into the industry because I love singing and dancing. I was lucky to get into a big company, and made my debut early. Some people liked me from my singing, and because of that, I got the opportunity to act as well. However, I would not give up singing because of the love I have received from “Architecture 101”. Both (singer and actress) are great. I want to do the best for both. 

Are you very ambitious?
I think I am the type who has a goal in everything I do.

Will you get tired when you become too ambitious? 
Actually because of this, I became very busy. There was a time when I can’t even remember my own schedules. And this wasn’t due to my eagerness, it was all arranged by the company. But these opportunities came to me because I was loved. So even when I get tired, I will tell myself, ‘new opportunities will only come if I finish this’. To put in my best effort, is what I should be doing. In the past, I dislike the idea of being ‘overly ambitious’. I believed that the more anxious you get, the further you will stray away. So instead of thinking too much, I value every opportunity given to me and do my best.

What about now?
I became very ambitious. Sometimes I want to try this, sometimes I want to try that. Besides, it has been quite some time since I debuted, so I have my own thoughts too. 

You’ve reached the age where you’ll have your thoughts. 
Yeah *laughs* That’s why I became more ambitious. Would it be dangerous? It makes me think of the past. 

20 years old is the age where you want to try everything. Restraining yourself is like wasting your youth away. 
That’s right… Restraining… So far, my life is about restraining and holding back. 

Since we’re on this topic, you didn’t choose to act in “Architecture 101’, did you?
It’s my company.

That was a great help in contributing to your success. You’ve gained the ‘Nation First Love’ title through this movie. 
But would it collide with your activity with Miss A? And the title probably made you depressed too. 

This is a title which I can only enjoy now. Of course there are times when I feel pressured. Like when I want to try other makeup or when I want to try a different style; but the ‘Nation First Love’ title is too well-liked. It makes me feel like I am restricted to do what I want, and it pressurizes me. But at the same time, this is the feeling which I can only experience now, so I’ll just enjoy it. When I grow older, it’s impossible to be the ‘Nation First Love’, even if I want to. So I will carry the title and go on. *laughs*

Your acting skills have improved. When I was watching “Gu Family Book”, I thought Suzy is finally acting. 
In “Architecture 101”, it wasn’t exactly acting. It feels like the real Suzy has appeared. And director Lee Yong-joo had grasped it well. But in “Gu Family Book”, your acting skill was apparent to all. 

I have learned a lot from “Gu Family Book”. “Dream High” and “Architecture 101” were more youthful. Or should I say it was more plain (easy to understand)? But in “Gu Family Book”, I could convey the emotions well and that makes me feel good, so… Ah, I don’t know what I am saying. What was your question? *laughs*

We were discussing about acting skills.
Oh, right… *laughs. I really want a change now. I want to try something more mind-blowing. Like; sexy characters or the bad ones. Ah… Why do I want to do so many things.

Because you’re very ambitious. *laughs* Usually actors have a role model, do you have 1?

That was an unexpected answer! Among the actors I have interviewed, this is the first time someone had answered a no.
I’ve got questioned from time to time, but after thinking for a long time, no one comes into my mind. So I think I don’t have one.

Is it because you don’t want to imitate the others?
No, that’s not the case. It’s just that… I don’t have one. 

You arrived the studio with a DSLR camera hung around your neck right? The guys would probably get angry when they read this, but I thought you were one of the staff. When did you start photography?
I have always liked photography. But it officially started when I received the camera as a gift. I used to take pictures with my phone all the time, wanting to capture every moment, because I have a poor memory. *laughs* Compared to writing a diary, I think that a lifelike photo will remain as a memory more.

What kind of photos do you take?
I will hand my camera to the professionals and let them take my photos *laughs* Suzy who is working, Suzy who is in the midst of recording, and Suzy who is eating. *laughs* And I like to take pictures of people. The looks of other people eating ice cream along the roads, or the look of a couple cycling. 

That is a very comforting hobby. Being someone who always appear in front of the camera, there ought to be times when you want to be behind one. 
Yeah *laughs* I will scan through the photos I take everyday, and it makes me happy. I even thought of releasing a photobook. 

When do you think you’re the prettiest? 
At night.

At night? As in the day and night, that night? 
Yeah. I think I’m pretty at night. My face swells up easily in the morning. So I become prettier at night, when it doesn’t swell. At times like this, I prefer not to sleep. I feel like I have to do something.

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